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  • Jay Schmidt

Museum of London

Had an enjoyable morning learning the great stories from this historic city.

This museum is free to visit and is one of the more recent museums in London.

One of the most interesting displays was 'London before London' 450,000 BC - 50 AD telling the story of London before the city was even built. Did you know... 125,000 years ago hippos lived in Trafalgar Square !

There was a Roman London display (AD 50 -410) -to discover how 'Londinium' came to life and what daily life was like in the city 2000 years ago. Roman London was the biggest city Britain would see for over a 1000 years!

Another exhibition also covered Medieval London 410-1558.

This Museum was brilliant at telling the story of the War, Plague and Fire that affected London. There were video shows telling the story of the Great Fire in 1666 and the Black Death Plague. These were really informative and showed what a terrible time people had back in the day.

The Museum brought the displays through the ages up the modern times with the icon of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games - The London 2012 Cauldron.

This museum was a good way to become familiar with the history of the London.

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