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  • Jay Schmidt

A setting for a period drama!

Here are some photos from the Royal Crescent, one of Bath's iconic landmarks. These houses were built between 1767 and 1775 and form a crescent of 30 Grade I Listed terrace houses in Bath (UK).

There have been endless films and programmes filmed here. More recently, Bridgerton (2020) and The Duchess (2008) along with many period dramas such as Jane Austen's Persuasion.

The Royal Crescent has an impressive 114 columns, each 30 inches in diameter and reaching 47 feet in height.

In front of the Royal Crescent is a 'ha ha' ditch which was designed to keep grazing animals out of the formal areas of the garden.

Coaches and buses were banned from driving past the Crescent in 2017 after complaints from residents that they were disruptive.

One resident decided to paint her front door yellow in the 1970s and had to fight two enforcement orders from Bath City Council and attend a public enquiry. Finally, it was decided it could remain yellow as it is today!

It was good to step back in time and learn the history of the Royal Crescent! Just one of the sights that you would see on a tour of Bath.

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