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  • Jay Schmidt

Flying high at Shuttleworth, Bedfordshire

It was fun seeing the vintage aeroplanes, cars, bikes and buses. There was so much to see here. The highlight of the day was watching Avro Anson taking off. Shuttleworth covers the history of most modes of transport through the ages including the early days of flight with the Wright Brothers (1867 - 1912).

It was fascinating reading the history of flight. The first flight as made by Orville Wright and lasted for 12 seconds. Unfortunately whilst the aeroplane was left unattended after the last flight, it was caught by a violent gust of wind, overturned and was considerably damaged. This mishap prevented further experiments at that time.

The vintage planes were not the only thing to see here. There are also the Swiss Gardens and Shuttleworth House. So much to see - might go for another visit before I return to the USA.

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