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  • Jay Schmidt

Chinatown London

A visit to Chinatown in London to enjoy the culinary delights.

On visiting this area of London I wanted to learn some of the history while enjoying my soup and noodles.

The initial area of Chinatown was located in the east part of London, where thousands of Chinese sailors settled at the end of the eighteenth century. These sailors had been employed in China. However, for several different reasons had to live in London.

In 1914, thirty Chinese businesses had opened, most of them to supply goods for the Chinese sailors themselves.

During the Second World War, the area was completely devastated and finding work as a sailor was a difficult task.

The Chinese people that stayed in London went through hardships during the mid twentieth century. Luckily for them, soldiers and sailors coming from Asia still enjoyed eating authentic Asian cuisine. During this period, the first Chinese restaurants opened on Gerrard Street, a place that nowadays has a high reputation for its delicious food.

The popularity of these Chinese restaurants drew Asian investors and entrepreneurs to the neighbourhood turning it into what it is now.

On a beautiful sunny day with the Chinese lanterns on the street above and the delicious food it really is worth a visit for some food after sightseeing in London.

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