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Treading the boards - visit the Globe Theatre

Treading the boards - visit the Globe Theatre

After a cup of tea along the Thames, I managed to get a tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. The original theatre is famous as the venue of William Shakespeare's plays (1599). The tour lasted approximately 40 minutes. The guide took us into the theatre and we saw the actors getting ready for a performance that afternoon. This theatre stands only yards away from Shakespeare's original Globe Theatre and has been rebuilt to be as similar to the original Globe as possible. This is the third Globe Theatre. This theatre was officially opened 1997. The shape is an icosagon (20 sided polygon) and it can hold 1570 people (700 standing). The twelve signs of the zodiac are painted on the roof over the stage called 'The Heavens'. Built from oak beams, lime plaster walls and a water reed thatched roof. It is the only thatched roof building in London. The plaster walls help with the acoustics so the sound travels around the theatre. We could clearly hear the actors warming up on stage. The Globe is a fair weather destination and is only open for performances during certain times of the year (not Winter) . Without a roof audiences need to dress for the weather! If you want a cheaper ticket to watch a performance then you need to stand in 'The Pit' (the standing area at the foot of the stage. In the original Globe Theatre, audiences could get a ticket for as little as a penny enabling theater to be open to the less wealthy citizens. On June 29th, 1613 during a performance of Shakespeare's Henry VIII some small canons were fired using real gunpowder and the roof caught alight. Luckily someone threw some beer over the flames - no-one was hurt! This theatre is really remarkable and definitely worth a visit. When the guide takes you through 'The Pit' to see the timber frame columns and sky overhead, it really takes you into the era of Shakespeare and theatres at that time. #globetheatre #London #londontour #tourlondon #movetouk
Walking in an English Garden - Wrest Park Bedfordshire UK

Walking in an English Garden - Wrest Park Bedfordshire UK

Walking in an English Garden An afternoon visiting Wrest Park! Wrest Park is a country estate located in Silsoe, Bedfordshire, England. It comprises of a Grade I listed country house, and Wrest Park Gardens, also Grade I listed, formal gardens surrounding the mansion. With over 90 spacious acres to explore, it was a good day out in the fresh air admiring the evolution of the English garden. Strolling through centuries of landscape design showcasing a range of styles including Dutch and Italian, wandering along the show-stopping formal Long Water walk and admiring the beautiful classical statues. The 1830s house itself is remarkable, a near unique example of English architecture following the style of an 18th-century French chateau. Its grounds are a glorious amalgam of three centuries of English garden design, and contain one of the few remaining formal gardens of the early 18th century. For over 600 years the Wrest estate was home to one of the leading aristocratic families in the country, the de Greys. Each generation left its mark on the estate. The family reached its greatest prominence when Edward IV made Edmund Grey his Lord Treasurer in 1463 and then Earl of Kent in 1465. More than 200 years later the formal gardens and the canal known as the Long Water were created by Amabel Benn, together with her son, Anthony, the 11th Earl, and his wife, Mary. This is a huge estate including the house itself, a walled garden, Italian garden, Rose garden, Conservatory, Orangery, Bath House, Terrace & French Parterre, Pavilion and pond. The gardens were the showstopper of the visit with carefully manicured borders. A must see on a tour of England. #UK #wrestparkbedfordshire #wrestparksilsoe #wrestparkhouseandgardens #uktour #touruk
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My name is Jay Schmidt.  I have a great passion for tourism which allows individuals an insight into different cultures and experiences.

Having travelled myself to amazing places both in the US and overseas, I am able to use this wealth of knowledge to provide tours to customers, so they can have a great vacation to unique and exciting destinations worldwide.

This is my UK website .  My blog will show my move from Minnesota to the UK.

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